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All you dream...Falls on Me
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Welcome to Falls on Me, a community dedicated to Luka and Abby of NBC's ER.

"The inspired notion of hooking up Abby Lockhart, the full-time nurse, on-again-off-again med student, with Luka Kovac, the Croatian physician, on "E.R." created perhaps the most fascinating relationship on prime-time TV." - The New York Times

"It was a seasonlong masochist's glut of an affair, and in the hands of the remarkable Maura Tierney and Goran Visnjic it was - and continues to be, in the stormy aftermath of Abby and Luka's breakup this season - singularly compelling." - The New York Times

"And we know that, as the new Doug and Carol, [Abby] and Kovac are meant to be together." - Guardian Unlimited

Community Rules:

-Absolutely no bashing. We all have characters and other couples we don't like. Feel free to express frustration and/or dislike, but bashing of characters/couples is a good way to get at the very least a warning. Bashing of other community members is a good way to get banned.

-ALL SPOILERS MUST BE UNDER AN LJ CUT. No exceptions. This includes speculations on spoilers. A spoiler is anything that has not yet aired on the US east coast. Out of courtesy to our west coast friends, you might want to LJ-cut things until all of the US has seen it.

-Very large or a large amount of images should be under an LJ cut. Be friendly to other members' friends pages and of our dial-up members!

-All NC-17/non-work-safe fanfic should also be under an LJ cut.

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